Within Seven Years: Vatican Transferred $1.7 Billion to Australia

The Vatican and its financial entities transferred $1.7 billion to Australia since 2014, TheAustralian.com.au reported (December 21).

The transfer happened through more than 400,000 transactions without the knowledge of the Australian bishops. 5% of the total could belong to an annual fund for charities. The sums are in million US Dollar

2014: $54.1
2015: $103.6
2016: $223
2017: $439.3
2018: $319
2019: $371.7
2020: $222.7

The newspaper refers to official documents from Austrac, the Australian financial crime regulator. The recipients of the money were not disclosed.

Anonymous sources noticed that the transfers accelerated during the unjust investigations against Cardinal Pell. They peaked when he was side-lined as the Vatican's Prefect of the Economy.


...and then Cardinal Pell mysteriously gets rail-roaded into the slammer. Sometimes we see only the ripples on the surface when evil, terrible things swim beneath.
...so we will be getting an explanation of why the Vatican transferred this money, right? Take a lesson from the vaccine debacle. When the Vatican responded they said it was in response to bishops and Catholic discussion. We need bishops to demand an explanation. Scandalous.