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If you think a Vatican bureaucrat can tell individual parishes whether they can advertise Masses in their bulletins, then this religion is 100% about power. Clericalism of the worst sort.
John A Cassani
In the Archdiocese of Boston, a significant percentage of parish bulletins are printed by the publishing company owned by the archdiocese. I’m not sure about the ecclesiastical oversight that other bulletin printers have, but pastors should be very leery of submitting their weekly announcements to their bishops for editing. Consider doing it in-house.
A group of parishioners sets up a third-party, entirely unofficial website with the pastor's unspoken blessing. Printed bulletin problem solved.
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100% about power. Clericalism of the worst sort//
Catholic Church rulers enjoy their power instead of their marriage and want to dominate laypeople with Sacraments Weapon.
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