What If Somebody Doesn't Wear A Mask? “Stop Mass!"- Says Archbishop

Seattle Archbishop Paul Dennis Etienne, 61, has asked his priests "to stop mass if someone takes off their mask.”

And, “No mask, no Mass.” Father Jay DeFolco, the parish priest at Holy Cross in Lake Stevens revealed this on Twitter.com (December 25).

If bishops were as serious regarding the Church's liturgy and doctrine, the Church's deadly crisis would be over within weeks.


Servant Of Divine Mercy
The Illumination of Conscience will soon arrive for ALL on earth. God will show us our entire life as He sees it in this frightful encounter. You will know God exists and that the Catholic church is the TRUE church that God established. He will give you a chance to receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Salvation. Heaven is the reward.
If a priest is concentrating on offering the Holy Sacrifice how would he know if someone took off their mask?
michael f
The Priest can report the to the Stasis some of them were good at that in the pass even Bishops.
We all will have to answer to God one day, and Bishops are no exception.
So we have to wear a mask, do we? ;-) Archbishop's direct order, eh? Okay. Mouth and nose covered. Done. Now please continue with the Mass, Father.
If a bishop told all men to wear a pink bow in their hair to Mass...Would you obey him?
Yul Brynner reaction face...
Cuthbert Mayne
Only if I’m allowed to wear my Y fronts over my trousers and a matching purple cape
Neither the priest nor the laity have the right to interrupt the liturgy once begun. Real men have died in the middle of it, only to have another real man complete it, as is required. Now we have pansies afraid of everything except God.
UV reaction to @Tesa's comment. Yes, I actually stood up and applauded.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Open Businesses & Restaurants now, USA news
This seems the personification of evil!
Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.
P. O'B
This could be a traditionalist's dream! I could stop several Novus Ordo Masses on any given Sunday!
Just another ignoramus in our hierarchy who neither knows anything about this "virus" nor Canon Law. He is representative of what we Catholics have come to expect from our hierarchy who have not only lost their minds but their Faith...and don't recognize the loss of either.
Cuthbert Mayne
These Bishops and their lackey priests are all going to hell with or without a mask. I’m sick and tired of these mask wearing morons.
Louis IX
So the Arch-Bishop is just winging it. I don’t believe he has the authority to do this, at least if it occurs during the Consecration.
Jeanne Lawrence
The church used to stand against the world, now it enforces the evil of the world. The good and holy religious are silenced.
must have recorded proofs of heresy show the real catholics who are they MODERNISTS are heretics excomulgated wearing masks
Soon people will know about who is behind the forces of fear world wide and they should be prosecuted