New Viganò Revelations: Francis Personally Protects "Homosexual Network"

Those parts of Whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò's Washington Post June 10 interview, that were censored by the oligarch newspaper, have been published on LifeSiteNews.com (July 3).

In these parts, Viganò accuses Pope Francis of personally covering up two abuse cases.

The first case regards altar boys in St Peter’s Basilica who were pupils at the Vatican Pius X Pre-Seminary (high school), run by Como Diocese, Italy. Three seminarians, among them Kamil Jarzembowski, a room-mate of an alleged victim, allegedly witnessed many incidents of sexual aggression.

Viganò knows that the investigation was blocked by then Como Bishop Diego Coletti and by the cardinals Comastri and Coccopalmerio. Jarzembowski was expelled from the seminary, the two other witnesses left on their own.

The alleged abuser, Gabriele Martinelli, was later ordained a priest in July 2017 despite the accusations that were never investigated.

Viganò’s second case is Francis’ promotion of Archbishop Edgar Peña Parra as the Substitute at the Secretariat of State despite a detailed dossier accusing him of having seduced two minor seminarians in September 1990.

Viganò saw the document where the then-rector of the Maracaibo major seminary Father Enrique Pérez, Venezuela, who dealt with the case, confirmed the incident after being questioned by the Vatican Secretariat of State.

Peña Parra was also involved in the August 1992 mysterious death of two young men by an electric discharge at Lake Maracaibo. Both accusations were reported to the Secretariat of State in 2002 while John Paul II was in charge.

Nevertheless, Secretary of State Parolin did not oppose Peña Parra's appointment as his substitute.

Already in January 2011 while Benedict XVI was pope, Parolin, then Apostolic nuncio in Caracas, did not oppose Peña Parra's appointment as archbishop and Apostolic Nuncio to Pakistan.

Viganò further testifies that Parolin knows the names of a number of Curia priests involved in sexual fornication.

According to Viganò, Peña Parra is closely connected to Francis' right hand pro-gay Cardinal Maradiaga and his disgraced homosexual auxiliary Bishop Juan José Pineda.

Viganò interprets Pope Francis’ policies as “protection of a homosexual network”.

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De Profundis
Do you remember when Francis humiliated a poor altar boy who was merely trying to be respectful?
Yes, and here is an article and videos that touch on this subject: novusordowatch.org/…/francis-tells-a…
God bless Archbishop Viganò.
Hell is calling these homoheretics. Repent while there is time
"This might be a scandal surpassing that of McCarrick," says the former papal nuncio.
On this day, in 1958, at the age of 38, Rev. Karol Wojtyla was nominated by Pope Pius XII the auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cracow. In this way, Wojtyla became the youngest Polish Bishop.
Nr. 3 of the Vatican was credibly accused BEFORE being appointed to that post.
One more comment from HerzMariae
The key names in Vigano's testimony: Coccopalmerio, Maradiaga, Parolin.
Thank you Archbishop for your courage.
Stop these banditos.
Archbishop Vigano says much of this was known to the Vatican by 2002. Who was pope then ?