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"Brotherhood without a father" seems a very good description of our troubles from the beginning with Francis.
F M Shyanguya
P. O'B
St. Francis and Pope Francis differ by very little! St. Francis is associated with larks; Pope Francis is associated with Marx.
Gesù è con noi
Gesù è con noi
Apostate Bergoglio: "I felt stimulated in a special way by the Great Imam Ahmin Al Tayyeb."
F M Shyanguya
- The Apocalyptic Beasts: Faces now Unveiled!
- Fratelli tutti: Pope Francis heralds a city, the City of Man

There is a “common Father” referenced ie, their lying father the Devil:
sick to the core bergoglio wants a SCHISM he says it the same day that he want us to obey the UN "IM NOT AFRAID OF A SCHISM"
Not being afraid of something isn't the same as wanting it. For example you might not be afraid of a thug threatening to beat you up. but that doesn't mean you want him to try. -especially if there are witnesses around. People who'll start recording the whole interchange with their phones.
"Francis is interested in a universal citizenship, in welcoming immigration, and environmentalism." What else is new? Intro to Marxist Ideology 101.
Fraternity + equality + liberty = 66 times!