...and when they're all done standing around, what changed exactly? A new parliament, a new PM? No, nothing changed.
The fake news media are the scam of earth and the voice of evil
Ave Crux
Why is it that the sheer magnitude of the press's malicious dishonesty is still so shocking...? The difference between what actually happened and how it was reported is stunning in its brazen corruption and betrayal of the ordinary citizens of this world.
Roberto 55
I would be happy to have such "few hundred" pounds in my bank account...
media the scum of the earth ,no one believes them anymore ,they have been bought the evil forces
Wow! That's great! Thousands upon thousands. At least for them, looks like the co v id scam is finishing. Stay tuned for the next move from our friends at the NWO; climate change Climate Change: The Great Global Warming Swindle
Louis IX
Our Lady of Guadalupe banner spotted. Ave Maria!