Vatican Manipulated Photo of Benedict's Letter

Associated Press reported on March 14 that Monsignor Dario Edoardo Viganò, the Prefect of the Secretariat for Communications [Disinformation?], admitted manipulating a letter from Benedict XVI.

In January, Viganò sent to Benedict eleven volumes by Fr Roberto Repole on the alleged theological importance of Pope Francis, asking Benedict to contribute a theological page to the volumes. But Benedict replied:

"Unfortunately, even if only for physical reasons, I am not able to read the eleven little volumes in the near future, all the more so in that I am under other obligations to which I have already agreed."

On Monday, Viganò released a photo of Benedict XVI's letter showing one short part where Benedict, for the sake of politeness, utters some general praise of Francis' "theology". The rest of the letter, especially the above quotation, was made unreadable.

The excerpt published by Viganó suggested that Benedict had read the books and did agreed with them.

Picture: Vatican News, #newsYjiuxkorrg
De Profundis
Living in a Vatican palazzo,with the entire household he kept as Pope, including a high profile & media friendly secretary, wearing white, & receiving a succession of conservative visitors who post pics on FB is not conducive to being "hidden". Is this what Benedict wanted?
What else was doctored besides the Benedict letter? The Synods on the Family? Familiaris Consortio no 84? The 2013 Conclave?
Why does a Pontificate mired by an ever increasing number of scandals, intentionally deceive the media over something so inconsequential and trivial.
Sólo Díos basta
Men at the Vatican lack the scruples that advertising executives must have.
De Profundis
The question is, who at the Vatican possibly thought that this was a good idea and is responsible?
Edward Pentin asked Vigano’s office this afternoon if he could publish his Jan. 12 letter to Benedict XVI, but they sent him only 2 photos: Benedict's letter (concealed) and Vigano reading it on Monday. Pentin asked again for Vigano's Jan. 12 letter but received no reply.
A disgraceful, cynical attempt to manipulate the news.
They either ignore or manipulate Benedict’s words.
The debacle over the Vatican's handling of Benedict's letter comes barely a month after the Pope warned against fake news which he said thrives on an absence of “healthy confrontation” needed for “constructive dialogue”