Normand Thomas

47. God coexists with humans

Since the beginning of humanity, mankind has been trying to understand who God is.

Events in the world make us love God. But in a strange way, they can also dissuade us, make us doubt, then move us away from the Love of God.
Writers too, in the Bible, have given intentions to God that does not seem to suit him very well. We’ll try to restore briefly the reality of God, who is Love.

We’ll also try to detect the reality of the human being, too often inhuman, because of his faults and his sins, who thinks that God is like him. Or, just like us sometimes, writers imagine God as an avenger, a scary being, who keeps us in fear as well as other unattractive attributes.

There are two basic aspects that influence us in the Bible. First, we discover the Love of God, purer than a perfect diamond with all its facets of mercy, joy, hope, peace, life, etc.

The second point of view that we need to remember is that God is present in the history of humanity. Despite the fact that there are saints in the Bible, very often the story recalls inhuman gestures and words that intermingle with the Love of God, unfortunately.

The image we project on God is often tarnished. We place an opaque veil between us and him. It can become confusing to the point that the “god” we invent seems to betray us, make us suffer and kills us, according to his mood (We place a small “g” to “god” here, because we want to signify, right from the outset, that this “god”, like an idol, is a pure invention of our misunderstanding of the reality of God).

Moreover, we observe that since the beginning of humanity, inhuman sins contradict the Love of God. Violence and evil caused by sin distorts reality. God then becomes, through a false perception, guilty of the evils, the misery and the suffering of humanity. Even today, we blame God for evil and sin.

Now, inhuman acts and words cause harm and its horrors are found in the Bible. Evil becomes an agent of confusion that blurs the reality of God.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s reveal God, Normand Thomas