Vatican Changed Crazy Good Friday Meditation

In the last moment, the Vatican changed the insane text for the 13th Station of Francis' Good Friday Way of the Cross which accused God of the Ukraine war. …
The traditional Catholic Way of the Cross is pleasing to God. The make it up as you go along way is garbage
Didn't Mother Angelica give her now famous rant denouncing the modernist Church after witnessing one of these "relevant stations of the Cross"?
Jan Joseph
Krankzinnige Rooms Katholieke kerk, erg atheïstisch, iedere zichzelf respecterende Rooms Katholiek wil toch niets meer te maken hebben met deze organisatie.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He looked sick during much of this performance. Just sat there like a lump. Afew times, he grimmaged like he was going to wretch, other times he coughed . When he got up, he could hardly walk. Now the Vatican announced that he plans to go to Kazakhstan to visit some "world-religion" site. Heretic Pope! Heretic Vatican!