Two Types of Legislation Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsPnwyuhxqdwMore
Two Types of Legislation

Picture: ©, CC BY-ND, #newsPnwyuhxqdw
Defeat Modernism
I love your cartoons! Keep up the good work! Let's work to expose and defeat these modernist apostates!
"Do your utmost to hear the Mass devoutly; urge others to do the same...Great disasters loom over us. Holy Mass is *the* great means to appease God and avert His chastisement." -St. John Bosco
Selective (or non)-enforcement at its finest.
‘Judge me, O God, and distinguish my cause from the nation that is not holy: deliver me from the unjust and deceitful man: for Thou art God my strength.’ (Introit Ps 42.1) Passion Sunday
Renzo Lay
Ladaria lo ha ... deluso. Ladaria credo sia in bilico. Forse non ha letto uno dei tratti caratteriali del signor Bergoglio: la vendetta: "Questo pugno può essere una piuma, ma anche un ...maglio!" (cit. ad perdonami)!
Renzo Lay
cit. ad personam.