Superior Firepower: Abducted Missionary Liberated

Italian born Somaschi Father Luigi Brena, 64, (pictured left) who was kidnapped on Sunday at about 5:45 pm in Ogunwenyi, Nigeria, was rescued by police.

The police quickly found the camp of the kidnappers. Because of superior firepower, they shot three kidnappers dead. The rest fled into the forest, some wounded, abandoning Brena who was rushed to hospital for medical treatment.

In recent weeks, several (!) Nigerian priests have been abducted by gunmen (faces below): Stephen Ojapa (released), Oliver Okpara (released), Emmanuel Silas, Peter Udo, Philemon Oboh. Father Christopher Itopa Onotu was kidnapped June 4 but released, Father Christopher Odia was abducted and killed June 27.

June 30, about 700 priests protested in Kaduna at the funeral of another murdered priest, Father Vitus Borogo (+June 25), holding slogans like “We are priests, not terrorists!,” “The government should protect Nigerians,” “Do we still have a government?”

Oligarch media show little interest in the slaughtering of Nigerian Christians.


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Fr Peter Amodu, another Catholic priest has been kidnapped from Nigeria's Benue state.
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Currently one of the most dangerous jobs is being a Catholic priest in Nigeria. But still priestly vocations are flourishing there.