The Osservatore Romano Justifies Polygamy - by Fr Reto Nay

The Osservatore Romano (November 10) published an article by Fr Gerald Bednar on “Mercy and Law in Amoris Laetitia.” Bednar is vice-rector and professor at Cleveland Seminary, USA.

Bednar calls those disagreeing with his flawed presentation and standing by the Catholic doctrine on marriage - this includes Benedict XVI and all prior popes - “dissenters.” For him mercy was a “forgotten virtue” until Francis. Somebody should tell him about John Paul II’s encyclical “Rich in Mercy” (1980).

He misrepresents the law as “abstract principles” and construes an artificial conflict between law and mercy, although the law of Christ is mercy.

According to Bednar, Francis teaches that one can enter a second marriage although the first still exists. This way, he makes Francis contradict the Gospel and preach polygamy.

Bednar fails to understand that indissolubility applies only to a consummated sacramental marriage (ratum et consummatum), not to natural marriages. He even claims that Saint Paul gave a “permission to divorce” which is nonsense, or that the Church can “dissolve” marriages but his examples regard marriages that were not indissoluble to begin with, or that the question whether a second marriage is a continuous adultery has never been addressed before. This is blatantly false. There has never been a doubt that a second, parallel marriage is a continuous adultery.

Bednar’s conclusion: Francis does not give permission for divorce, but then, hey, he allows divorcees to remarry…

Will anybody take the Osservatore Romano seriously if it publishes such articles?

GJA Taylor
PS take your "mercy" with you.
GJA Taylor
Francis is a very bad pope, all his weasil appointees should resign. Pope Francis please retire back to Argentina asap.
Fr Gerald Bednar says only that,

"Francis called the pope,
does not give permission for divorce,
! he allows divorcees to remarry..."
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If the first valid marriage means nothing, no marriage means anything.
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Another quote from Bednar (no wonder are many confused), "Some dissenters [=All Catholics], for example, assert that Christians who divorce from a valid marriage and remarry with adequate knowledge and consent enter the state of mortal sin."
St John Paul II's answer was that there are *never* such circumstances where it's acceptable.
How many times in the Gospels did Jesus' mercy take the form of telling people that he was lowering his expectations of them, and henceforth holding them to a lower standard?
Lisi Sterndorfer
Bednar talks of "normal conjugal relations" ... as if there would be anything normal about conjugal relations between two people who aren't married to one another.
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If a millionaire raises the rents on his starving tenants, Francis will not say, "Let's think about how to negotiate the tension between law and mercy." He says, "That's wrong."
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Sólo Díos basta
...hard to reconcile with Catholic teaching.
What God unites ,or joins ,no man can seperate
De Profundis
The Vatican newspaper does not only throw the stone at us today, but all the Popes, Saints and Martyrs, 2000 years of teaching, Scripture, tradition and those moved by charity to teach the Gospel's power of redemption.
Sounds like Stalinism - applause to the leader: "[Bishop Robert] Barron called Amoris Laetitia an 'extraordinarily rich document.' His comments were met with light Applause [by U.S. Bishops' conference]." (Quote from lifesite)
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Who would have guessed that 12 years after his death, the Osservatore Romano would be used to attack Pope St John Paul II (the Great?) as a dissident?
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