Criminal Police? Cardinal Pell's Phone Was Tapped and Content Leaked to the Press

A November 26 phone call between Martyr Cardinal George Pell and Monsignor Charles Portelli was quoted in February by the Australian New Daily.'s Andrew Bolt suggests that Victoria police taped the Cardinal’s phone and leaked information to the media. A New Daily journalist "denies" that police was the source.

On November 26, Portelli gave testimony at Pell's trial. The leaked phone call occurred later, the same day.

Portelli told the court that he [and 70 other persons] were in Pell's immediate proximity in the corridor where - according to the finding of a corrupt Melbourne court - the Cardinal "molested" a choir boy two months after he had already "molested" him in a crowded sacristy.

Pell apologized to Portelli at the phone for the prosecutor's methods who tried to make witnesses look like "liars."

Potelli complained to the New Daily editor that the article was an attempt to discredit his evidence by pointing to his relationship with Pell.

After everybody had read the article, New Daily removed it.

Picture: Andrew Bolt, Charles Portelli, #newsBvzgaixnls
Indeed they removed it, well there you go, how about they remove that idiot sheila journalist!
Yes they should remove Andrew Bolt
Cdl. Pell is suffering for the evil clergy who are getting away with their deeds. May God and Our Lady give him strength... holy angels send him a chalice of strength and hope in this his garden of Gethsemane, amen.
Jesus Christ you are thick. George Pell was in charge of several cover ups and has been convicted of child abuse.
paul grech
Thick are those like you who trust corrupt institutions, biased judges, a corrupt media and the blatant lies of a faggot. Any intelligent person would recognise the whole case as a frame up. Even thicker are those who do not believe in the inevitable Divine Justice which they have to face when they die.
paul grech
This goes to show how corrupt are the police and the so called justice system in Australia!
Jesus Christ you Catholics are thick
paul grech
Certainly not as thick as you who trust corrupt police, biased judges, a corrupt media and the blatant lies of a faggot.Anyone with any intelligence can see that the whole case was a frame up.