We Need A Mob of Traddies (Video) - By Dr Geoffrey Brushwood

I had an interesting exchange with an Englishman married to a Chilean.

His father in law is the permanent deacon at this church in Santiago that’s burning.

My English friend is a good Catholic, a traditional Catholic. But he also appreciates the sentiment of the people in Chile.

He said to me that “People burn churches I think because the lack of godliness in the clerics. They wouldn’t do it if not.”

This is very true. I see this as a sign of what things might come to world wide.

I think, Francis scored a huge own goal when he didn’t get the strength of feeling even amongst Catholics against people like Bishop Barros who covered up child abuse.

In Chile even the malformed socialist youth can still smell the hypocrisy of clerics, who are seen to impose a moral order on people that they themselves don’t believe in upholding.

The Church is representative of a political order, a vestige of the former dictatorship, and benefits a certain social class. The primitive people are angry

Trad Catholics won’t ever go this far. Never would a church be desecrated.

HOWEVER places like the ‘Casa Sancta Marta’ or any bishop’s palace, or presbytery where some of this filthy parasites live is fair game for a mob of tweed wearing traddies.

People are fed up.