Archbishop Indulges in Unprecedented Covid Rigidity

Moncton Archbishop Valery Vienneau, 73, Canada, decreed on September 17 that only double-vaccinated faithful may enter churches.

He refered to a meeting with the New Brunswick Health Minister who wants to increase the rate of vaccinated people to 90%. The minister doesn't allow gatherings with masks, disinfection, or sanitary distancing but only for fully vaccinated people - although they can infect and be infected like everybody else.

In legalistic obedience to the state, Vienneau ordered that at ALL church gatherings - including baptisms where only family members are present - everybody must be twice vaccinated. Children below the age of 12 are exempted because they cannot yet be vaccinated.

Door guards will check vaccination documents and collect names which the government may request. Vienneau agrees with the minister that persons with a single dose, mask and sanitary distancing are NOT allowed to enter the church.


Happily both the Eucharist and Penance can be administered outside.
He thinks he is God. Won't work out for him , though
How many more years does this guy think he has?
Roberto 55
How about booster?
This is pure satanism monsieur "deputy" health minister.
Louis IX
Pray for the soul of this poor man.
chris griffin
is it possible to discern evil in a persons face?
The truth of this covid phenomenon is easily obtained. Given that, it becomes clear that this action of Vienneau is a part of and cooperation with the plan to destroy the visible Church.

Hang on Dear Friends ! Eternity awaits the Faithful; and it's f.o.r.e.v.e.r