US Embassy to Vatican “Celebrates” Homosex

Last Sunday, the decadent US Embassy to the Holy See celebrated a transvestite day of remembrance.

In doing so, they hid their own intolerant homosex fist behind a whiny victimism by commemorating those in the transvestite community "who were murdered out of hatred".

The many homosexualists in the Vatican must have been very pleased. Already in June, the embassy had displayed a homosex banner outside its windows for “Pride Month.” The US avoid doing this in Islamic countries but doesn’t spare Russia.

When President Putin learned during a television conference two years ago that the US embassy had a homosexual banner hanging outside its building, he asked, "Who works in this building?"

"Americans," someone replied. Putin answered, "Let them celebrate, they revealed something about the people who work in there."


P. O'B
A good pope would break diplomatic ties with the US over this
I couldn't unsee the hashtag in the tweet as saying: "U sin Holy See" 🤫