Bishops’ Youth Synod Was “Staged”

Sydney Archbishop Anthony Fisher, a participant at the October 2018 Youth Synod, confessed to (January 31) that he was “a little naïve” as it never occurred to him that the Synod “would be quite so staged”.

Fisher points out that the discussions between the synod fathers "didn’t always mirror what came out in the formal results”.

He concludes that it "should alarm" us or "at least raise questions about what’s going on" if what the bishops said is "not what appears" in the final document.

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsFhghbpoahp
Bravo Archbishop for speaking the truth. Sydney needs you to continue calling out the pretence of synodality.
Deliver us Lord from all decievers
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The "results" are a bunch of lies
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