F M Shyanguya
This reminds me to always include receiving Last Rites in my daily Rosary intentions!
God bless you Father Killackey!
Sunamis 49
God bless him-
no prayer from us for a priest gets lost!!none of our prayers is a waste of time-
in deed our prayers for the priest save lives! and encourage them to be brave- and faithful
This is the way it should be.
F M Shyanguya
God bless and keep Fr. John Killackey John Killackey [referred to as such on FSSP website], FSSP - not a “Traditionalist” group - he helped and theirs.
A true man of God. May the angels and saints protect and watch over him!
Traditional priests are addressed and referred to by their last name, not their first name.
Ipsa conteret
What a joy to see a real priest!! May Our Lady protect you always, Fr. Killackey!