Novus Ordo Bishop APOLOGISES For Priest for Proclaiming Catholic Faith

Kerry Bishop Ray Browne, Ireland, has apologised for Father Seán Sheehy because he proclaimed the Catholic doctrine at last Sunday's Mass in Listowel (video below).

Sheehy noticed that no one talks about sin anymore although it is rampant. He spoke about abortion and handing out condoms to teenagers to promote promiscuity.

“We see it in this lunacy of transgenderism, the sinfulness of sex between two men or two women. That is sinful. That is mortal sin. People don't seem to realise it [...]. We need to listen to God about it, because if we don't - then there is no hope for those people,” he said.

He explained that “sin is destructive, is detrimental and will lead us to hell.” Sheehy also expressed the pious belief that heaven is "full" of converted sinners and concluded that everyone will find out on the day of death that this is not invented by him but what God is saying.

As a reaction, miserable Bishop Browne claimed that he’s aware of a deep upset and “hurt” caused by the homily (DioceseOfKerry.ie, November 1), although this "hurt" regards only unrepentant sinners. He "apologised" to all [sissies] who were "offended", and lied that these Christian positions “don’t represent the Christian position.”

Picture: Ray Browne © Trocaire, Flickr, via wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsKuqpyxcsdj

Anne Maria Roesler
Bless Father Sheehy the Novus Ordo Sect has left the Catholic Faith & Church with the acceptance of Vatican II and their Anti Popes. If those gender mad, lukewarm whoevers that were "offended" cannot handle the real CATHOLIC MAGISTERIUM they need to join the protestant Kumbajah bunch!
Praise and blessings Father Sheehy
Carol H
Way to go Father Sheehy! God Bless your courage and conviction!
Cardinal Robert Sarah: "The Church is dying because her pastors are afraid to speak in all truth and clarity. We are afraid of the media, afraid of public opinion, afraid of our own brethren! The good shepherd gives his life for his sheep."
Sally Dorman shares this
A priest in Ireland told a congregation at Mass that sex between 2 men or 2 women is sinful, & that free condom distribution schemes *to girls* promote promiscuity. The Bishop publicly apologized for the homily, saying the views expressed were not representative of Christianity.
Seidenspinner shares this
This homily is absolutely shocking. I'd given up on priests in Ireland preaching the truth with love and conviction, with a zeal to save souls. Well done that man.
Malki Tzedek
The most justifiable reason for apologizing for anything is because, upon reflection, we are ashamed of what we have done, said, or believe. To be ashamed of the Truth is to deny He who is the Truth. As our Savior never apologized for anything He taught, we, too, should never apologize for the Truth.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
How can good faithful Catholics run heretic bishops like that the H out of office? Pope included.
Frank Lopez Frankis shares this
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
He's a Francis appointed Bishop, one of Bergoglio's earliest ones, May 2013. One of the first of many heretics appointed by the arch-heretic himself, Francis.
Credo .
Thanks be to God for this courageous N.O. Priest Fr. Sean Sheehy for speaking out at Sunday Mass in Listowel Co. Kerry. > Keep him in your prayers! 😍