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Diocesan Bishop, 54, Retires After Six Months

Francis has accepted the resignation of Tainan Bishop John Lee Juo-wang, 54, Taiwan, who took office on January 1.

In a letter, Lee wrote he has “serious psychological and physical problems,” and that leaving his office would allow him to undergo the medical treatment he needs.

He mentioned that the diocese faces problems regarding the evangelisation among families and young people. Lee said that he now better understands Saint Paul’s words, “Do not conform yourselves to this age” (Rom 12:2) and that he prays for priests “who are victims of pressure.”

Lee arrived in Taiwan in 1950 as the son of poor refugees with many children. Therefore, he was entrusted to a Lee family from the same village. When this family ran into many difficulties, he was adopted by the Huang family.

Tainan Diocese covers a territory with a population of almost 2 million people of which only 7,500 are Catholic. Considering this tiny number and Lee’s background, he was likely on Francis’ list of future Cardinals.


Tony Smith
Seems like most of the bishops have serious psychological problems. Seems like a prerequisite for being appointed a bishop these days.
P. O'B
This bishop was born in 1966. Perhaps his father arrived in Taiwan in 1950.