ALL Lies: Francis Was "Shocked" About 215 Non Existing Corpses

Oligarch media activists hawked in summer 2021, accusations of "missing," "murdered" and "secretly buried" children at Catholic schools in Canada.

This led to arson attacks against Catholic churches in the country. Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau endorsed the fake news. Canada lowered flags on all government buildings. Amnesty International which advocates for the killing of children demanded to prosecute the responsible for “remains” that had been “found” in Kamloops. Francis expressed his pain for “the shocking discovery in Canada of the remains of 215 children” at Kamloops.

Seven months later, the historian Jacques Rouillard dismantled the web of lies. Writing on DorchesterReview.ca (January 11), he stressed that “not one body” has been found outside a normal cemetery at the Kamloops Indian Residential School, where the hype began.

The campaign of lies started with subterranean radar results that were interpreted as "corpses" although they were tree roots, metal and stones. Regular cemeteries were labelled “mass graves.”

Rouillard found that 51 children died at the Kamloops residential school from 1915 to 1964. For 35 of them documents still exist proving that they died from illness or accidents.

The historian's conclusion, “Imaginary stories and emotion have outweighed the pursuit of truth.” Obviously, the sham was promoted by the cowardly Vatican II bishops who, once more, didn't even think of standing up for the truth.

Jan Joseph
Natuurlijk niet, de laffe bisschoppen van Vaticanum 2 zijn op de vernietiging van het Universele Rooms Katholieke geloof uit.
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