Normand Thomas

102. Coverage

When we are not aware of evil, it spies on us. With the multiplicity of means to feed it, evil transforms like a blanket. This cover is cunningly transformed and becomes more and more difficult to remove. This cover of evil extends to us and onto others. The Lord of the universe reminds us of what is good to do to get away from evil:
“Consider your ways! Go up into the hill country; bring timber, and build the house that I may take pleasure in it and receive my glory, says the Lord.” Haggai, chapter 1, verses 7 to 8

To get out of the trap of evil and to learn to love ourselves better, it is about serving the Lord, with the fear of doing harm. This fear is the signal to continually adjust our heart toward Jesus.

The only way to build the house of the Lord and stay there is to move away from all forms of evil that we smoulder, often in spite of ourselves and sometimes because of us. Let’s rebuild and gather together with the Lord.

Let’s ask Jesus to uncover where we let evil dominate us. Let’s offer him our discoveries, in a process of forgiveness and reconciliation. May Jesus wash us from his side with his Precious Blood and Water.

The new American Bible, 2011-2014
Book: Let’s be Loved, Normand Thomas