Francis Insults Bats - dem come criticize am

Francis preach on April 22 say sinners dey like "human bats," wey lyk to live for dark place cos the light dey show wetin dem no wan see."

Sha, the Twitter account wey the name na "Give Bats a Break" wey dey preach make people like bats, no gree for wetin Francis tok, "Bats no dey do any crime in the night, dem jus dey service our ecosystems" - as dem dey polinate flowers and trees, dey eat insects wey dey spoil plants, and dey help forest grow after disasters.

So, wetin represent bats beta na Matt 6:1, "no dey do good tins so that people go dey see am come praise you," na wetin the account tok.

The account dey complain say bats dey face "disrespect everytime, threat say person fit won or kill dem, and nobody dey thank them." So: "To dey like bats more, make people dey expect say others go hate dem even if dem do good tins."