Gay Media Praises Francis For Making Gay-Chameleon Zuppi a Cardinal

PinkNews.co.uk (September 5), a propaganda-page for homosexual fornication, hailed Pope Francis for making Bologna Archbishop Matteo Zuppi, a cardinal.

The webpage stated that Francis had "named a pro-LGBT+ bishop as cardinal" and that "LGBT+ advocates are celebrating" the choice.

Francis appointed Zuppi in October 2015 to Bologna to replace Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, one of the Dubia cardinals, who had asked Francis to clarify ambiguous statements on Communion for unrepentant adulterers.

However, Zuppi is devoid of any real convictions and will do whatever suits the moment. He is pro-gay, pro-Islam, and as an Roman auxiliary bishop he has celebrated the a Pontifical High Mass on different occasions (picture).

The evil that men do.
Its raining homoheretics hallelujah
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle