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'I think it’s a role model': World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab praises communist China - LifeSite

I respect China’s achievements, which are tremendous over the last over 40 years.” “I think it’s a …
Sunamis 49
Hound of Heaven
They don't call him 'Jackboots' Schwab for nothing.
Did Klaus Schwab shaved his funny mustache ???????
Salvatore Bastatti
Drones take care of this problem. Ask Putin.
Sunamis 49
God will take care of it one day, as God wants, when we pray constant
Sunamis 49
LiveJohn too sad to say, he means it
@Sunamis 49 On who's behalf does he speak?
I'll stick with Christ and His Blessed Mother any day.
Sunamis 49
LiveJohn, he probably does it on his owns
@Sunamis 49 He and another thirty eight like minded individuals? Not many to win a war - methinks.
Good Grief! Is this guy serious?