John Paul II Institute: L’Osservatore Romano Joins the Battle – by Father Reto Nay

Father Maurizio Chiodi, an enemy of John Paul II and now professor at the John Paul II Institute, published an article in L’Osservatore Romano (September 4), whitewashing the evil Pope Francis inflicted on the Institute.

Chiodi calls its destruction “a renewal” and the heresy introduced into it “tradition re-interpreted.” Francis’ assault on the indissolubility of marriage is for Chiodi only a matter of “style and form.”

Chiodi believes that the Church needs a new apostasy because it cannot “escape from complex relational dynamics.” Does this verbal garbage mean something?

He bad-mouths the truth as “abstract" and as “disembodied from the drama of history [sic].” His alternative is a cheap relativism.

Quoting Amoris Laetitia, he calls John Paul II’s moral theology “cold writing-desk morals.” Cold? Writing-desk? Does Chiodi pen his writings on the floor of a sauna?

This is how Chiodi tries to fool his audience: He presents two opposites – the objective moral theology and relativism – and puts himself in a non-existing middle.

But Chiodi fails to explain what is wrong with the objective moral theology that takes its object seriously. Therefore, his non-existing “middle position” is not different from commonplace relativism.

Picture: Maurizio Chiodi, #newsNatgbhrrwn
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