Priest Forbids KNEELING Under The Pretext Of Covid-19

Jude Thaddeus Parish in Sinajana, Guam, forbids kneeling during prayer or Mass as an inscrutable reaction to Covid-19.

A sign attached on the pew asks: “PLEASE DO NOT KNEEL” (LifeSiteNews.com, August). The parish-priest also refuses administering Communion on the tongue.

On July 12, the parish published guidelines for Mass attendance (below). They impose wearing a mask “or entry will be denied,” forced temperature screening, and hand disinfection.

Picture: © LifeSiteNews.com, #newsKbunzrcawy

The government may not regulate the manner of Catholic worship.
The restrictions some bishops are imposing on how priests celebrate Holy Mass and give the sacraments during Covid is part of their ongoing war on Catholic doctrine and Tradition.
It would be easier just to post "PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND MASS" -but then they couldn't pass the offeratory basket, could they? ;-)
Don't be surprised, but some dioceses on the East coast of the U.S. are saying just that. Where I live (Midwest) the bishops of Iowa came out in unison saying no Church attendance until a vaccine for the virus in the spring. They reversed this later. I wonder why. Maybe push back from the faithful?
I believe their change of heart was motivated by diocean financial officers' grim reports that no Masses mean no offeratory baskets and that means no money. Locking the doors indefinitely like that forces people to ask the pertinent question, "Why am I giving these people money?"
De Profundis
We all know, kneeling spreads Covid like wildfire