Unholy Silence: Vatican Keeps Mum About Meeting Between Francis And Argentinean President

Francis received on May 13 the Argentine President Alberto Fernández who imposed in January 2021 killing unborn children on his country.

The Vatican Press office published no information about this meeting, and mentioned instead only “cordial talks” with Secretary of State Parolin about the coronavirus, the financial crisis, and the fight against poverty - a proof that the world is now the leaven for the Church and dictates their topics to her.

Why did the press office keep the Francis/Fernández meeting secret? It has evidently "learned" from the public relation disaster after the first Francis/Fernández encounter in January 2020 after which it claimed that Francis had addressed the abortion issue. But this was a lie and Fernández himself denied it.

During that visit, bloody Fernández and his concubine received Communion from the hands of Argentina-born Curia Bishop Sánchez Sorondo.