Philippines: New Church of the Society of St Pius X

On May 13, Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Superior General of the Society of St Pius X, consecrated a new church in Iloilo, Philippines. The construction of the monumental church started in 2012. The church serves the Asian noviciate of the brothers of the SSPX and the faithful of the region. Several hundred faithful attended the consecration.

Picture: © FSSPX Asia, #newsCvzcpazctm
Beautiful. Above the altar is a representation of the Trinitarian apparition to Sister Lucia of Fatima, at Tuy in 1929: Live the Message of Fatima! Make the First Five Saturday devotion! Save your own soul and help to save the souls of others
This is true Catholic worship; a feast for the eyes that touch the heart and soul; what God's house is supposed to do. Thanks for sharing this with us.
The pictures are spectacular. 👏
That is Magnificent!