Cardinal Joins the Protests in Sri Lanka

On the eve of the second anniversary of the Easter bombings, when 270
Catholics were killed by Islamic extremists in several churches in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith, has joined protestors calling for the resignation of the President Gotabaya Rajapakse and his brother Mahinda Rajapakse, the prime minister of Sri Lanka (and his other brother Basil Rajapakse the minister of finance and Mahinda Rajapakse’s son Namal Rajapakse the minister of sports, and various other family members and friends who form the ruling party).

Mahinda, the elder statesmen of the Rajapakse clan, was previously the President of the Island nation from 2005-2015 when in 2009 he brutally put an end to a decades long armed separatist struggle by the Tamil minority population in the north and east of the country.

When his younger brother Gotabaya, who was defence minister under Mahinda’s government, ran for presidency in 2019, he won a landslide victory on a nationalist campaign to make Sri Lanka great.

Instead, he made his own family’s fortunes greater, and even changed the constitution to allow his brother Mahinda to have another crack at government by becoming the Prime Minister. Mahinda Rajapakse’s victory under a ticket of a stronger security for the nation, was made possible by a wave of sympathy after the Easter Sunday bombings.

Cardinal Ranjith has repeatedly called for open and transparent investigations into alleged security failures which made the bombings possible and the former government look ridiculous. Cardinal Ranjith claims that he has evidence that the Rajapakse family are behind orchestrating the bombings whilst the Islamic terrorists were a useful cat’s paw to get the job done.

Sri Lanka has a unique combination of a US styled executive presidency and a U.K. styled parliament.

Having both brothers as head of each of the executive arms ensured the family fortunes to be firmly above scrutiny. However, the Rajapakses didn’t count on a global pandemic that dried up tourist dollars to the country, and the self serving tax cuts that President Gotabaya endorsed that he and his supporters profited from, further short changed the nation’s purse.

Lack of international currency and the depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee has caused a catastrophic downturn in the Sri Lankan economy, which translates as islandwide food, fuel and power shortages.

The normally docile people of Sri Lanka have had enough and this weekend Cardinal Ranjit joined a truly ecumenical protest along with Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu religious, calling for the President and his brothers and his brothers son and other friends and family to step down and leave the government to more capable others.

Roberto 55
Nobody mentioned "Roastchilds" and their "central" bankers who are together with pseudo jewish talmudic-satanic sanhedrin behind every imaginable evil in this world. Their corrupted local governments- like this Sri Lankan family thieves- are in reality everywhere...
Roberto 55
No, same. It's only my little change...
Jan Joseph
Het zijn weer de moslims die niet te vertrouwen zijn.