Francis "Popularity" Falls

The number of Americans who have a "favourable view" of Pope Francis has sharply declined, a CNN pool (September 12) shows. The result of such pools are directly connected to the propaganda, the oligarch media make for or against a person.

Currently 48% of the Americans say that they have a favourable view of Francis. After Francis' 2013 elections when he profited from the anti-Catholic media propaganda, 72% expressed a positive view about him.

The oligarch media who have hated Francis predecessors, "like" the present incumbent because they can use him as an "useful idiot".

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsFhxfwlevow
alex j
I'm not surprised. However it is of little comfort simply because a change of 'regime ' will only come about by a] Francis resigns-hardly likely- or b] because of his demise, God only knows when that will be.
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Jesus Popularity needs to be increased ,because is our Saviour ,the pope we have to pray for him to do the right thing
The lower, the better
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Division, mistrust, confusion: The “Real Pope Francis Effect”:
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Does that mean that American Catholics are acting like Catholics?