US-Diocese, “Success Breeds Success”

In the last five years, 25 priests were ordained for the small diocese of Lincoln, Nebraska. One reason for the boom of priestly vocations is 40-plus years of solidly Catholic bishops.

Talking to (January 17), Lincoln Bishop James Conley, a convert, said that his predecessors in the "turbulent post-conciliar years" were “very clear" in their teaching and "very faithful" to the teaching and liturgy of the Church. According to Conley after the Council "everything was up for grabs.”

Lincoln has the highest number of seminarians per Catholic in the USA - 39 seminarians and 96,000 Catholics. There are 146 active priests. Their average age is 41. Conley says that he has inherited an excellent diocese and doesn’t want to “mess it up” but wants to “keep it going”. He adds, “Success breeds success.”

Picture: James Conley, #newsRhgpkdyykc
You don't even want to know the statistics on the closings of church's all around the country the closings of seminaries everywhere.This just another false misleading info. Put out by the great deceivers the catholic church.