Francis Effect: Numbers of Priests Falling

For the first time in decades, the number of Catholic priests is falling in absolute numbers, although the world population and the [alleged] number of …
What is that look about?
In all fairness to Pope Francis, this is more correctly called the "Vatican Council II Effect" and in keeping with designs of its architects.
Great point about not teaching the supernatural. It’s hard to find a priest that is supernatural. Truely believes in Gaurdan angels, supernatural realms like Hell, purgatory..etc...
I believe the seminaries are very pro liberal and not teaching the supernatural ,that is way there is so many problems in our church
I would rather have 10 radical old rite Catholic priests than 1000 lukewarm, watered down new mass versions...
It is hard to believe anything from the Vatican. Statistics in their hands serve only political purposes. For example, my guess if "real" was defined that those Catholics who attend Mass at least once a week the number of official count of Catholics would be reduced by 80%. The Vatican want a high count in order to lend gravity to their political messages.
Lion IRC
The media bombards us with an anti-Church narrative, telling everyone how ashamed and embarrassed Catholics are of their clergy. The spiritual warfare is aimed directly at the Shepherd in order to scatter the flock. We must stand in solidarity with our true and holy priests and show them that we will not succumb to satan's lies. usccb.org/bible/readings/031019.cfm