What is this?
Jeffrey Ade
This immodesty of a satanic nature!
Lots of these cults use hyperventilation to fake "spiritual experience".
Credo .
🥴 What Catholic relevance does this signify?
Some people think yoga and Catholicism are OK together.
This is s visual NO... (Not Novus Ordo this time).
StGMaj red
I love the only young person at this, at timestamp of when there is 4 sec left on the video, you can see her with her legs out stretched and a book in her lap, im guessing she was dragged there and has zero interest 😂
Paganism is sooo stuuupid!
Sean Johnson
I believe it is live footage from Vatican 2
Billy F
Training to let demons in from the Realm of Darkness.
Live Mike
Neo-paganism, new age religion, a yogi-sufis fusion?
Training for barking:-)
Gender fluid course for advanced beginners.