Ex-Benedictine Prior Has Become Old Catholic

The former prior of the famous Andechs monastery in Bavaria, Anselm Bilgri, 67, has defected to the Old Catholic community.

Bilgri was a Benedictine monk and prior for 30 years. He successfully renovated the monastery's brewery and the Stüberl (monastery restaurant) in Andechs.

In 2004, he quit the monastery in a dispute with the newly elected Abbot Johannes Eckert. He remained a priest and worked as a book author, coach and speaker. Bilgri left the Church at the end of 2020.

In Old Catholics, Bilgri found everything which corresponds to his "vision of Catholicism" in the "modern world", he said according to (18 January). He no longer believes in a "reform" of the Catholic Church.

The Old Catholics are a group with no future. They are collapsing even faster than the Novus Ordo Church.

Picture: Andechs monastery, Creative Commons, wikicommons.

Who/what are "Old Catholics"?
they are protestants who call themselves catholic but they aren't; they have women priests and gay married priests
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