Order of Malta: Angry Letters Against Cardinal Tomasi

The presidents of most of the Order of Malta's national associations have complained about Cardinal Tomasi's planned reforms in an August 12 letter to Francis.

Tomasi proposed transferring responsibility for the order from lay members to the 36 professed knights who have taken vows of chastity, poverty and obedience.

The letter represents the anti-Catholic German wing and its allies from Belgium, England, France, Hong Kong, Hungary, Lebanon, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Scandinavia, Singapore, Spain.

They play on tears, threatening that "considerable damage" could be done to charitable activities for the poor, sick and [mass-]immigrants.

In doing so, they attempt to cast Tomasi and neo-cardinal Gianfranco Ghirlanda, who was among the authors of the proposal rejected by the order's current leadership, in a bad light.

A second letter opposing the reform was written by the members of the Governing Council, founded in 1999, which calls the reform a "return of the leadership of the professed."

According to LaNuovaBq.it, the anti-Catholic German wing is also behind the second letter. They are fighting Tomasi’s willingness to restore the order’s religious nature.

Picture: © Giorgio Minguzzi, CC BY-SA, #newsHvwmookzse
Jeffrey Ade
Jean de La Vallete must be turnig in his grave! We did not go through the Great Siege of Malta to give in! Stand and fight men of the West!
The Order of Malta is finished I know personally an atheist was invited to join years ago, forget it!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
All these ani-Catholic Germans, including CArdinal MArx and most of his bishops, should be excommunicated as a group.