Don Reto Nay
At this point the Church has reached the same level as the State. Whenever the State says something to you, your first reaction must be: "They are lying".
@DefendTruth Benedict specifically said (I think?) "Eleven *little* books". I'm thinking of going through a mid-life crisis and starting a rock band just so I can name it "Eleven Little Books" 😀
"Lettergate" gets crazier: *another* paragraph
Pope Benedict did not only refuse to endorse the 11 booklets of theology on the thought of Pope Francis, he criticized the theologians (who oppose the teachings of JPII and Benedict XVI) in his letter. Continuity looks different...
De Profundis
What was done this week to Benedict’s letter—blurring, effacing, concealing one half so as to distort the whole—is being done to our entire tradition.