Feast for End of Ramadan Dedicated to Pope Francis

The Community of the Arab World in Italy (Comai) has dedicated this year’s Eid Al Fitr (June 4-6), the Festival of Breaking the Fast, marking the end of Ramadan, to Pope Francis.

“For very many Muslims the Holy Father is a point of reference,” Comai founder Foad Aodi told Open.Online (June 4).

"The only strong, clear voice against all discrimination is that of Pope Francis,” he added, “It gets straight to the heart of all Muslims in the world."

More than 95% of Muslim organisations in Italy expressed their support.

Picture: © United Nations Photo, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsNrcuivlove
Precisely that is what Lucifer did to steal the Glory from God.
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Poor people, they prefer an apostate, rather than repent and convert and accept Jesus Christ.
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Ramadan fast is only from sunup to sundown. They can eat as much as they want when it is dark.
The Ramadan fasts are a joke. Their fast is ONLY from sunup to sundown AND then they can eat as much as they please until sunup the next morning. Food consumption goes up during Ramadan.
The Islamists also had a (Sicilian) message for Salvini.