"...announcing the Gospel to “men and women of the present time,” ---because modern people no longer speak Syriac, amirite? Yeah, no. If he truly believes he has a "missionary vocation" to use the liturgical language of Allah, he should simply convert to Islam and be done with it.
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They’re coming for the eastern rite Catholic churches too: Head of the Chaldean Catholic Church advocates use of Arabic in liturgy
Angelo Santelli
Idiot; bafoonah. Remarkably ignorant. I know Antiochean Orthodox who look at any change in tradition as the sign of the devil. They are far closer to the truth than colon compromised Jorge.
It was a foreign dead language used by the the Roman Rite that so successfully converted the world, the vernacular rites stayed local to the region. Ok now these rites have emigrated with the people and will now suffer the same suicidal bad fruit of changing the liturgy as warned by Pius XII.
@Louis IX Yes, and it might not be a "blunder" at all, more "inter-faith ecumenical outreach with our Abrahamic brothers."
Louis IX
I think you're on to something.
Y'think? ;-) Well, actually you just did that. :D This sort of pandering is nothing unique. You're in Murrica, just look at how Spanish is being turned into a de facto second language and, in some places, the ONLY language.
Louis IX
Isn’t Arabic the sacred language of Islam? This may be an ecumenical blunder.
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Vernacular language in Chaldean liturgy
atreverse pensar
The faithful have never asked for these changes.