Anyone good with dreams?

This is from Dr. Naomi Wolf “Ok Catholics (and others): what does it mean that I dreamt two nights ago that St Therese of Lisieux (I did not recogniz…
Oh, WoW! Could it be that St. Therese of the Child Jesus has sent her roses to help Dr. Wolf come to terms with the death of her beloved dog, and now is sending her a medal for her enhanced state of awareness, and for her spreading that awareness to others?
Remember this fascinating conversion
The Miraculous Conversion of Alphonse Ratisbonne
Laura Yunque
Notice how she is directing Wolf to Our Lady through the Miraculous Medal. Just wonderful.
This came off Dr Wolf’s Telegram account. @naomirwolf
Not sure what platform this came out of, but i would suggest someone donate a blessed medallion of St Therese to Dr Wolf, after all St Therese is a doctor of the church who seems to be reaching out to her, believe me Dr Wolf needs all the help she can get fighting off the demons that are now running this world.
Laura Yunque
St. Therese is reaching out to her for her conversion and salvation.