Vineyard Farce In Castelgandolfo Continues

First, Benedict XVI's Castelgandolfo vineyard was uprooted for nothing.

Now another will be planted. (February 16) learned that Italian star vintner Riccardo Cotarella will do this on Francis' direct instructions. The new vineyard is two hectares in size and near the old vineyard that had to make way for a cultural centre which was never built.

Presently, on the site of the new vineyard, gras for cows is growing. Already for some weeks, workers have been preparing the ground for the grapevines. Benedict’s vineyard is now a rose garden.

Picture: Castelgandolfo © H. Raab, CC BY-SA, #newsZhsflzxmmi

GJA Taylor
My how humble is the merciful Pope Francis. Scottish phrase, " he gives me the dry boke" (vomit).