Francis’ Reform: “Disturbing” and “Dangerous” Characters

Cardinal Braz de Aviz and Archbishop Carballo, the ringleaders in the Congregation for Religious are “disturbing and dangerous characters,” (September 13) writes.

Now all Old-Rite communities are under their command and they are erecting “holy guillotines" for them. Aviz boasts of being a Bastard (sic!) descendant of the kings of Portugal, was affiliated as a priest with the Focolare Movement and the Communist Liberation Theology and was [therefore] made a bishop and archbishop by John Paul II.

His 2011 promotion to Rome by Benedict XVI surprised the Brazilian Nunciature because his obsessions with the economy left bitter memories. He personally acknowledged that he covered up for priests who had children, including his now deceased brother to whom he entrusted a parish in Brasilia.

Carballo became notorious as the General of the Franciscans (OFM) when he was responsible for the biggest economic scandal among religious communities (loss: €50 million). The matter was – obviously – never investigated because “liberals” were responsible for it.

At the root of the case were investments linked to drugs and arms. Carballo is not living with the Franciscans in immediate vicinity of the Vatican but in a lavish apartment on Vatican Territory (Specola: “just in case”).

Recently Carballo was shameless enough to publish a document on guidelines for good administration among religious communities…

Picture: João Braz de Aviz, José Carballo © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsUoxcdwixxp

They look like sodomites. Given the other curial officials, it is a near certainty that they are that.
Please seriously pray and do penance for these two, and all those in Vatican dicasteries. Have Masses offered also.
Eastern Catholic Melkite
There's a lot of disturbing and dangerous characters in the Catholic Church....................a long list starting with bergoglio!!!