For the Vatican The Problem Is… Cardinal Zen

Secretary of State Pietro Parolin doesn't want to see Cardinal Zen's arrest as “a disavowal” of the secrete agreement between the Vatican and China. …
The problem for Cardinal Zen is the deal between China and the Vatican .Communism and catholicism dont mix ,so says our Lady at Fatima and i believe Her
Ann Smith
Anybody know what/if Cardinal Burke had anything to say about this?
Alex A
atreverse pensar
The NWO goes with China.
Servant Of Divine Mercy
Pope Francis betrayed Cardinal Zen and all Chinese Catholics?
This is not a question - it is a FACT - a tragic and scandalous fact -
Rather than denouncing the unjust arrest of a Prince of the Church, the Vatican complimented the security forces for the way they had treated him
For Our Lord, the Vatican is the problem!
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
No good Catholic would acknowledge Pope Francis as "pope". I no longer do. Parolin is just as evil. Anyone still calling Francis "Holy Father", is as low as he is. I have friends in Italy who e-mail me all the time. You have no idea how much Francis is HATED there!!!!!!
Het Vaticaan is overgenomen door het atheïstische en de communistische republiek China.
Wilma Lopez
Many who proclaim the name of Jesus will pass by the way he went ..Kindly Keep His Eminence Cardinal Zen in your prayer.
Cardinal Zen is a living Saint!