Cardinal Burke, The Church May Not Apologize To Homosexuals

Homosexuality is “an abnormal condition”, Cardinal Raymond Burke said in an interview.

Talking to O Clarim (December 21), the Cardinal added that God has not created anybody “to have sexual relations with people of the same sex”.

Commenting on Pope Francis’ statement that the Church should "ask homosexuals for forgiveness" for the way they have been treated, Burke responded that he has "never" in his whole life encountered discrimination against homosexuals in the Church.

“I don’t see why the Church ought to ask forgiveness for teaching the truth about sex and sexuality.”

Picture: Raymond Burke, © John Briody, CC BY-ND, #newsOjmdhqibmc
The homosexuals should apologize to the church and God
Yes, abnormal and perverted.
Satan's and his helpers strategy is to possess a Catholic and Church with constant feeling of guilt.
Joseph a' Christian
In fact, most of the horrible sexual abuse relating to our Church, was inflicted by homosexual psuedo priests, upon post puberty young Catholic men.

Jesus purifies men who cry out to Him.