Nuncio: Penance Is Needed After Coronavirus Sacrileges

Swiss Nuncio Thomas Gullickson criticises an “overconfidence in discretionary powers” which led priests to introduce sacrileges during the corona-crisis (, May 29),

“Real damage has been done to people's sensibilities concerning the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist,” Gullickson assesses.

He asks how to proclaim the Gospel when the meaning of what is sacred was trashed and Christ's Face has been disfigured while “true love, both toward God and neighbour, reveals itself in reverential fear.”

Gullickson's solution: He hopes for the appearance of “many prophetic men and women” in the Church, “who will call us to that needed penance whereby we can rightly make reparation.”

Picture: Thomas Gullickson, ©, #newsVykxfyovnp

Hopefully penance by the perpetrators of that sacrilege, not penance by those in the laity who were victimized by it.
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