"Proselytise": Bishop Quote John Paul II take Correct Francis

"some Church leaders [= Francis] dey tel us wetin no corect, say when we dey tok about missions, make we no dey 'proseltise'," Na wetin Tyler Bishop Joseph Strickland, Texas, write for TheWandererPress.com (April 27).

Strickland explain say John Paul II been tok about this way wey people dey use dis word wrongly for Redemptoris Missio 46.

John Paul II criticize say to convert non-Christians, sometimes people dey see am like 'proselytizing'."

Sha, him point out say "every person get right to hear the 'Good News' of God wey dey show imself and give imself thru Christ."

Foto: Joseph Strickland, © wikicommons, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsIniepjbhig