Caution Abyss Ahead! “We Move Toward Synodal Church And There Is No Going Back” - Francis

He has “moved forward” in understanding “what the Synod is,” Francis told the Maltese Jesuits during a 40-minutes meeting at the Apostolic Nunciature in Malta (April 3, LaCiviltaCattolica.it).

When he was a speaker at the 2001 Synod of Bishops, the Synod's secretary examined the gathered opinions and made a "pre-selection" of materials, Francis recalled, "Clearly there was no understanding of what a Synod is.”

Then, he boasted that "we have moved forward and there is no going back” - while Francis Synods are marked by manipulation and a biased choice of participants. Francis hopes that the current Synod should result in a "decisive step" toward a "synodal Church” - which in Francis speech means "more Francis centralism."

He remembered the focus of the Amazon Synod on abolishing celibacy, mystifying that "the Spirit made us understand that many other things were missing: catechists, permanent deacons, the seminary for aborigines, priests going to other dioceses or being moved within the same diocese.”

In reality, Benedict ("the Spirit") raised his voice and Francis' plans to abolish celibacy fell through. Francis never forgave Benedict.

For Francis priest should be “normal people" without imagining of being "great apostles". Unfortunately, such priests and bishops are the norm in the NO group and a major cause of its mediocrity and unattractiveness.


Jan Joseph
Pure politieke dictatuur.
GJA Taylor
Pray that Our Lord grant His abysmal and wicked Vicar a Pauline Conversion before his coming death and judgement. That Pope Francis' Herod style court of degenerates find Our Lord and answer His call now.
Jeffrey Ade
Synod in, Catholicism out!
Some bishops have rised up and speak up it is the begining of the renewal of the church ,Its time to choose are we for Christ and His Church or for the fake worldly deceived church ?