Polish President: Flowers Against Homosex Crimes (Video)

Three homosexuals accused of having vandalised last week a statue of Christ in Warsaw with a homosex flag and a pink face mask were arrested and charged with offending religious feelings and …
Mysterium iniquitatis. I suppose they dare to think that God is as silly as their electors or that there is no God. The Ballad of God-Makers by GKC comes to my mind.
Be Ye Separate
President Andrew, a Catholic Man using his authority for the good of the Polish people. This good work is much more important these days. It's not just the typical, superficial political ceremony. Rather, he is significantly helping to stabilize his nation, repairing the cracks in the foundational beliefs of Poland.
As other nations are subverted by relativists.
Christ Is King Of Poland!
During the 63 days of the Warsaw Uprising, which was the biggest revolt of the population against the Nazi occupants during WWII, about 150 diocesan priests and many nuns provided the insurgents and civilians with pastoral and medical care, and shelter.
Lucky Poles!