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Moderate Bishop: Catholic Women Don’t Want Ordination

Celibacy is not the reason for a lack of vocations, but the scandals and the lack of holiness among priests are.

The moderate Cristalândia Bishop Wellington de Queiroz Vieira, 51, Brazil, said this at the October 16 Synod’s presser. He pointed out that “many” share his views.

Vieira also spoke against female deacons and added that “most [practicing Catholic] women I know are not interested” in Holy Orders.

Holy Orders for women are mainly demanded by those who believe that Holy Orders are not necessary anyway to celebrate the sacraments.

Picture: Wellington de Queiroz Vieira, #newsQzlwyvoecv

Where do these people get it in their heads that the Church is a democracy??!! It doesn't matter what women or men want. Women cannot be ordained. Ever. Not possible. They can only pretend like that heretical lesbian clown.
Only some old mannish V2 lesbians want ordination.
Novella Nurney
It's almost like they want to create a completely different church. A counter church.
Or so some dozens of Catholic prophecies say.