35 Parishes – Dead at 50

Father Javier Rodríguez Couce, 50, died suddenly in the morning of October 14 at his private home in Mañón, Northern Spain.

Ordained in 1999, he was among the youngest priest of Mondoñedo-Ferrol Diocese and had been entrusted with 35 (!) parishes (but only 2000 faithful) and was also a chaplain of two old people's homes.

He masterfully managed to offer Mass in up to seven different parishes per day, and it was not uncommon to see him travelling in his liturgical albe. The adipose priest was suffering from heart problems.

(Picture: Father Rodríguez with a basket of the keys of all churches and buildings for which he was responsible.)

Sacerdos in aeternum. Possibly killed by the death jab, but surely overwork. Tradition is imperative. V2 kills people, their faith, their souls.
Les Crispi
The Covid Vax strikes again.
Joao H Machado
At 50 he was the youngest priest in the Diocese? That Diocese is dead as a door nail!
so, when did he get the jab?
Hugh N. Cry